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We have built up this family business out of passion and love for motorcycle and riding brought to a sharing level. And love and admiration for BMW motorcycles and touristic adventures riding them.

We also thought that we can make touristic Romania more interesting to explore and help out making it better known. I loved riding motorcycles since my teens, I keep doing it in my fifties, and I will do it till the end. Putting up this rental business I had in mind that, through it, somehow I will keep near those motorcycles that I love even when the old age will deny me hopping on my bike. Here, we aim to those who want new motorcycle adventures and to discover a country like Romania. To discover through the eyes of a biker, along with the thrills and excitement of exploring new places that only riding a motorcycle can give.

Speaking of motorcycles, we are very proud of our rental BMW motorcycle fleet that we own here. In our Bucharest Rental Center, we have for you to rent a variety of BMW motorcycles, from BMW R1200GS/R1250GS and the F800GS to the 800cc displacement F650GS. We are proud to offer you for rent our best sellers, the very sought-after BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1250GS and R1250GS Adventure motorcycles. With their big two horizontally opposed cylinders Boxer engines and comfortable riding position, they will give your riding a pleasurable demonstration of power and agility. Should you carry a heavy load, passenger and full cases, never mind, you will barely feel it. This is the motorcycle you can trust for an across the world adventure.

For sport, country side and off-road fans, we offer our BMW F800GS rental motorcycles.

They are tall, they are fast, they are nimble. They are very off-road capable. They ask you to open wide the throttle, they want action. Take it over the top of the Romanian highest mountain passes or take it deep through the Carpathian forests trails and you will have the most exciting riding adventure in Romania. Our BMW F800GSs, are very exciting and make a great rental for you.

With a somewhat smaller frame than F800GS, we have the 800cc displacement BMW F650GS. This an extremely agile rental motorbike that you will love. With its lightness can also be a beginner friendly motorcycle but will still pleasantly surprise an advanced rider with its power, agility and maneuverability. For a classy style cruising around the city or to the sea side resorts, we have something different. And our rental Kawasaki Vulcan 750 will be a great choice if you care for a cruiser style riding. Take it to the Vama Veche beach and you will feel the seaside vacation. Not a light motorcycle but really powerful with its low RPM torque V-twin engine that delivers smoothly and steady.

Bucharest Rental Center BMW motorcycles are all fitted with top and side cases, ABS, ESA multimode electronic suspension control, ASC traction control, RDC tire pressure monitoring, central and side stands. Our motorcycles come accessorized with navigation, Wi-Fi, smartphones, phone holders, SAE power outlets, USB power ports, security chain&padlock and more. All the above accessories are ready for you, included in the rental price.

No matter what you do and where you go, you will benefit all the time of our Roadside assistance. Should something happen to your motorcycle? We will replace it in a timely manner* so that you can continue your vacation as planned. We are supporting you every minute of your rental, whatever you do, wherever you go. We will look after you under all circumstances.

And then, you will come back for more.

For an amazing motorcycle adventure, we invite you to visit or revisit Romania with a new perspective. This country has so much to offer in terms of people, tradition, scenery, food, fauna, flora and so much more. And you can discover all this on a motorcycle from our rental fleet.

There are so many amazing places to go to like the Transfagarasan and Transalpina, such wonderful mountain high passes. Riding their over 2,000m altitude peaks and hundreds of kilometers of sheer natural beauty, will make you remember always your Romanian riding adventure. Riding from one area of the country to another you will experiment at each stop new and different customs, people, dishes. If you are a little nervous riding in an unknown country side or isolated places in the mountains, well, me and my team will personally accompany you in your journey, guide you, show you places, assist you for a great adventure**.


How about the Danube Delta? What a place to ride to!

From Bucharest through Dobrogea sunny hills, you will enjoy every kilometer of the motorway and of the road that goes through towns, where you can feel the country side at its full. The road follows the mighty Danube river for a good portion of it so you can admire wonderful and unique sceneries. On the way, at Capidava, archaeological site of an important Geto-Dacian center on the right bank of the Danube you may like to stop to visit the ruins of ancient fortress built in the 1st century, AD. Once you get to the Danube Delta you will understand that is indeed a unique place in Europe.

Actually, this is the only European place where you can watch pelican colonies in their own habitat. And many other species of birds and water mammals. Danube delta is almost a mystical place. Go camping for the night in Dunavatul de Jos, along Lipovenilor chanel or in one of the many places where nice people will host you. At midnight you will see a sky so crowded with stars, like nothing you have seen before. While there, it’s a must you visit by boat the hundreds of channels and lakes that are filled with life. Have a lunch or dinner in the local restaurants and you will enjoy the so tasty fish dishes they will prepare for you.

I will not forget to tell you about the seaside, the Black Sea with its wide beaches and resorts that are scattered along the shore for tens of kilometers. From Bucharest you get to Constanta on the A2 motorway and then the road follows the shore, from one resort to another with the sea always on sight. And then, you will get to Vama Veche beach, what a place to go on a motorcycle… The nights there are magnifique, full of joy, friendship and music. The clubs are literally on the beach, with tables, benches and hammocks placed where the sea will touch your feet. Then you can carry on for about 20 Km more over the border, in Bulgaria. Not far away from the border, you can get to Krapets beach by motorcycle. In the last years, this place became an interesting location to camp in your tent, rent a room or just to enjoy the beach for the day. Couple of nice terraces with great seafood will make more than enough for your lunch or dinner.

At last, but not least, there is Bucharest. A quite special city that is very green and as is crossed by two rivers. One of them being actually a chain of large lakes, each one flowing into the next and so they run through the city, from north to south. On one of the lakes there is a huge park, “King Michael I” (Herastrau), like a huge garden, is a very nice place to go for a summer afternoon outdoors. There are lots of historical places to visit by motorcycle, from Mogosoaia Park (just outskirts of the city) to the Old downtown which is right in the middle of the city and it is a major touristic attraction.

Maybe you never thought of such a riding experience in Romania. But wouldn’t that be an interesting, colorful and really exciting adventure?

We assure you, it would and it will.

*Please see our terms and conditions page.
** Please see our guided tours.

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