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Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

What type of license is required for renting from Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center?
A full motorcycle valid driver’s license from your home country with the proper class or endorsement, permitting you to ride the motorcycle you are renting. Please note, Romanian laws apply to your rental vehicle and its use.
Our rental fleet consists of big motorcycles with 800 to 1,200cc displacement engine (85 to 110HP) and the required license issued by the European Union is cat. A.
If your license is issued outside the European Union, it must be equivalent to the above
Your (car/truck) driving license doesn’t allow you to ride a motorcycle in the European Union.
What is the minimum age requirement to rent from Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center?
You must be at least 24 years old to rent a motorcycle from us. If you bring a passenger, they must be at least 18 years old. We recommend that the person you bring has some experience as a motorcycle passenger.
Does Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center provide any training on my rental motorcycle if it is a type or model I haven’t ridden before or motorcycle maintenance instructions for the rider?
Before you start your journey with our rental motorcycle, we will provide an introduction and maintenance training on your rental motorcycle. It will include safety inspection, detailed instructions on engine and gearbox operation, lights and turn signals operation. You will understand the BMW motorcycle specific features (ABS, ESA, ASC, RDC, etc), top and side bags, cable and disc locking procedures and much more. You will also be trained on the motorcycles maintenance like how to check the engine oil level, cooling fluid, brakes fluid and other.
It will help all of us if you ask as many questions as you need to feel confident and comfortable with your motorcycle before you start your adventure.
Does Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center have riding gear available for rent or purchase?
Our rental offer includes riding equipment like: helmets, gloves, jackets, knee and elbow strap-on protections, balaclavas, rain suits, etc. We also rent: action/sport cams., GPS, Wi-Fi and, as a general rule, with enough time notice we can provide for rent just about anything else you might need for a great ride. Alternatively, at your request, we can buy for you in advance any equipment. You will pay for it at pick-up time.
Are Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center motorcycles equipped with power outlets so that I can plug a GPS, a smartphone or other devices while I am riding?
Yes, all our Bucharest Rental Center BMW motorcycles are fitted with 12V power outlet, USB power terminal and smartphone holder.
What is included in the rental?
24 hours of unlimited mileage*** on a high-end BMW motorcycle that comes equipped with full options, lockable top and side cases, anti-theft chain, phone holder, 3rd party regular mandatory liability insurance, storage (for your luggage, airline/train tickets, documents and other valuables), motorcycle operation and maintenance procedure training*.
What are your business hours?
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center business hours are: 09:00 – 19:00, every day.
On the phone, we are available 24/7.
Does Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center offer airport pick-up?
Yes, at 20€ charge, Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center will provide our customer with airport pick-up. Alternatively, and for the same amount, we can deliver your rental motorcycle at the airport or at your hotel.
During intervals 01 Mar–30 Apr and 15 Sep–30 Nov, we offer this service for free.
Do you rent action cams?
Among other equipment, we also offer for rent action/sport cams.
Is there a secure place to store my valuables and other belongings?
Yes, included in the rental price, we offer safe storage for your luggage, documents and other valuables.
How are your rental rates calculated?
Rental rates are based on 24-hour segments. For example, if you pick up the motorbike at 11:00 a.m., you will have to bring it back by 11:00 a.m. on the agreed upon day. If the rental motorcycle is returned with more than 4 hour delay, a full day rental charge will occur.
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center offers rate discounts for rentals of 4 days or more. We also offer group rates.
Can I bring a passenger?
Yes, you can bring a passenger that is at least 18 years old. We recommend that the person you bring has some experience as a motorcycle passenger.
Do I have to make a security deposit?
A security deposit is required when you reserve your motorcycle. The amount depends on the specific motorcycle you rent, please see our fleet description. Once our motorcycle is returned on time, refueled, complete and free of damage, the security deposit will be released.
What gear do I need to bring along?
Operating a motorcycle requires protective gear and clothing: helmet, riding gloves, riding jacket and boots. You can bring along your equipment, but you can also rent from us the above items and much more. Nevertheless, we recommended you bring and wear pants with built in protections and sturdy boots.
Can I return the rental motorcycle any time I want?
We encourage our customers to return their rented motorcycles during business hours, which are 09:00 – 19:00. After business hours pick-ups and returns will lead to 20€ charge.
Do you offer roadside assistance?
Yes. Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center provides a 24/7 roadside assistance phone number and no matter the problem, we will assist.
During business hours (09:00-19:00), we provide free roadside assistance support in case of motorcycle malfunctions or other situations where the client’s liability is not involved. Outside business hours, a 50€ charge will occur.
In case the reasons for requiring roadside assistance are: problems generated by using the rental motorcycle illegally or under alcohol or drugs influence, accidents, motorcycle dropping or fall, running out of fuel, mechanical failures or motorcycle damages due to negligence in operation, rider’s maintenance failure or motorcycle components/accessories theft, the client will pay for all damages, losses and related costs in order to bring the rental motorcycle in the state it was at pick-up time. More so, if the problems are generated by using the rental motorcycle illegally or under alcohol or drugs influence, the regular mandatory insurance or the full insurance will not cover the damages caused and it will be the customer’s liability for the rented motorcycle damages and injuries, damages and losses to the 3rd parties.
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center takes no responsibility for the actions of the client or their consequences.
Does Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center offer discounts on rentals?
Yes, we offer:
Discounts for group of 3 or more rented motorcycles
Discounts depending on the number of reservation days

Additionally, Motorcycle Rental Center offers discounts to returning, loyal customers
A reservation deposit is required?
For rental reservations booked more than 15 days before pick-up date, a minimum deposit of 50% is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance has to be paid in full, 15 days before the pick-up date.
For reservations made within 15 days before pick-up time*, the full rental charge will be paid by the customer at booking time.
For clarification regarding reservations we encourage you to call us.
What is the “full insurance” option?
It is an insurance that fully covers damages, losses and theft*.
What is the fuel policy?
At pick-up time, all Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center motorcycles are presented with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank. If your motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank, a 20€ charge will occur.
What happens if I get a flat tire?
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center provides a 24/7 roadside assistance phone number you can call. A flat tire is truly a very rare occurrence, but should it happen, your safety comes first. If you are not able to stop in a parking area, please make sure your motorcycle is safely parked outside the road. As you wait for assistance, please stay away from traffic as far as possible.
If the flat tire occurs in remote places like the Danube delta, seaside or more than 200 km away from Bucharest, as it will take a few hours for our assistance team to reach you, please make sure the motorcycle is left in a safe place and is properly secured with the provided chain lock and with the optional brake disk lock.
What if a mechanical breakdown occurs?
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center provides you with a 24-hour assistance phone number you can call for immediate assistance*. Our team will reach you, evaluate the problem and if the case, the motorcycle will be replaced** or depending on problem root cause, it will be transported to the nearest repair shop to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Depending on the mechanical failure cause (accidents, damages caused by negligence in operation, maintenance failure or motorcycle components/accessories theft, illegal use or under drugs or alcohol influence) the client will be charged for the motorcycle transportation, defective parts and labor*.
Are the motorcycle's top and side cases removable or lockable?
Yes, all Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center BMW motorcycles are equipped with lockable top and side cases. They can be unlocked by the client and taken away. Even though motorcycle’s cases are lockable, we always recommend that you don’t leave valuables or other items inside them overnight or when you are away from the motorcycle for extended periods.
Am I allowed to take my rented motorcycle outside Romania?
You are not allowed to take the motorcycle outside Romania without Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center’s written empowerment. Through an additional agreement to the main contract you can travel abroad with our motorcycle*.
Can Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center assist me with booking hotels, restaurants and attractions along with my motorcycle rental?
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center will help you out with booking in a hotel or a restaurant, planning routes and tours, recommendations regarding points of high attraction and much more.
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center can plan for you a detailed route or tour that will include very interesting locations like Transylvania cities, Danube Delta, Transalpina route, Transfagarasan mountain pass and much, much more, please see our Tours page.

We will do it with great care and implication.

Choosing one of our tours, you will get all the above and more, in a comprehensive package that will become an adventure that you will always remember.