Bucharest BMW Motorcycle Rental Center

We are very proud of our BMW motorcycle fleet!


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  • You must be at least 24 years old
  • You need a valid full motorcycle license for at least 2 years (equivalent of Cat. A in the European Union)
We recommend that before leaving you home country you purchase a travel insurance that includes health insurance and repatriation. A rental contract will be signed between the client and our Motorcycle Rental Center. The clients must be able to fully operate and control the rental motorcycle.
  • Client airport pick-up or motorcycle drop-off at the airport or your hotel
  • High-end BMW GS motorcycle*
  • Top and side cases
  • High quality anti-theft chain
  • Smartphone
  • Navigation
  • Wi-Fi on the motorcycle
  • Tank bag
  • Unlimited kilometers**
  • Detailed route planning support
  • Regular insurance
  • Safe storage for client’s luggage, airline/train tickets, documents and other valuables
  • Motorcycle operation and maintenance procedure training and safety instruction
  • No charge for your passenger
* The motorcycle images on this site are for presentation purpose only. The actual rental motorcycle exact model, color or year of production may vary. For more details on the actual motorcycle you are going to rent, please request detailed info.
** on Romanian soil
  • Fuel
  • Riding gear (helmets, gloves, knee/elbow protections and other gear can be rented from us)
  • Full insurance (read further below)
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center offers:
  • Discounts for groups of 3 or more motorcycles
  • Discounts depending on the number of reservation days starting from the 4th day of rental
  • Additionally, Motorcycle Rental Center offers negotiable discounts to returning, loyal customers

By law, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is mandatory in the European Union.
Helmets, gloves and knee/elbow protections are available for rent from Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center (see options).
However, clients are encouraged to bring their own helmets for comfort and style.
Prior to your arrival and on your order, we can purchase any other equipment you might need. You will pay for it at pick-up time.


The customer can bring a passenger at no extra charge. The minimum age for the passenger is 18 years old and for safety reasons, preferably with some passenger riding experience.


At pick-up, every client and passenger will receive training and instructions for motorcycle operation/maintenance and safe riding.
The training will allow the client to understand the operation and the correct approach on the specific type/model of rented motorcycle and its maintenance.
Training includes motorcycle operation, motorcycle maintenance procedure, safe riding and an insight on local traffic laws and regulations.


Free of charge safe storage will be provided to our customer for luggage, airline/train tickets, documents and other valuables or belongings.


At pick-up, the rental motorcycle’s tank will be full.
All fuel costs are client's responsibility. At motorcycle return, the client must bring it back with a full tank.
If at return the motorcycle tank is not full, and the vehicle needs refueling, 20€ charge will occur.
We take no responsibility for motorcycle fuel consumption.


Instructions and procedures for motorcycle maintenance are provided during the training at pick-up.
The client is responsible for basic motorcycle maintenance*, like checking engine oil levels at each refueling, checking brake fluid levels and cooling fluid level. In case of any mechanical failures or abnormal motorcycle behavior, the client must immediately report it (24/7) and stop using the motorcycle. Failing to report problems and continuing riding, will lead to the client’s liability for any damage that may occur. The client is responsible for any mechanical damages due to negligence in motorcycle riding/operation, failure to provide normal maintenance or for not reporting to us immediately any mechanical failures or abnormal motorcycle behavior.

*If the case, maintenance expense reimbursement is available from Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center on request.


No matter the reason, Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center will provide roadside assistance.
If your rental motorcycle becomes inoperable for reasons other than the client’s negligence or failure of maintenance and during business hours, free roadside assistance including motorcycle replacement* will be available from Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center. If the Roadside assistance is requested outside business hours, a 50€ fee will be charged.
If your rental motorcycle becomes inoperable for reasons related to client’s faults, e.g.: use of motorcycle under alcohol or drugs influence, accidents, motorcycle dropping or fall, running out of fuel, mechanical failures or motorcycle damages due to negligence in operation, rider’s maintenance failure or motorcycle parts/accessories theft or loss (motorcycle keys included), Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center has no liability and the client will pay for the related costs that will bring the rental motorcycle back in the operable and general condition it was in at pick-up.

*Subject to availability


The client will make a security deposit at reservation time.
The amount is sized based on the specific rental motorcycle.
In case of damages to the rental motorcycle or accessories damage, loss or theft that occurred during your rental, amounts from this deposit will be used to cover the expenses.
If at return the rented motorcycle is fully operable with no damages or missing parts/accessories and in the general condition it was in at pick-up, the deposit will be released.


The rental day is based on a 24-hour segments starting from the time of pick-up.
The pick-up or return of the rented motorcycle is expected during business hours 09:00-19:00, 7 days a week. For outside business hours pick-ups or returns, a 20€ charge will occur.
Returning the rented motorcycle more than 4 hours after the agreed return time, will be considered another rental day and the client will pay for it.
The rented motorcycle should be returned complete, with all parts and accessories, fully functional and with no damages.
In case of damage and/or parts/accessories loss or theft, the customer will pay the costs to bring the motorcycle and accessories back to the conditions they were in at pick-up time.
If the motorcycle documents are lost, a 100€ charge will occur.
If the motorcycle keys are lost, a 150€ charge will occur.
At the return, the motorcycle’s fuel tank should be full. Failing to refuel prior return, a 20€ charge will occur.
No refunds will be made for early motorcycle returns.


Regular mandatory liability insurance is included in your rental.
In case of an accident, it will cover damages caused to the 3rd party vehicle(s) or person(s).
Regular mandatory liability insurance:

  • Does not cover 3rd party’s damages or losses which are the result of accidents caused by illegal use of the motorcycle or the use of the motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Does not cover the client against consequences of injuries on himself or on the passenger, does not cover their belongings against damage, loss or theft.
  • Does not cover the rental motorcycle against damage or theft.

Optionally, Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center offers upgrading from regular mandatory liability insurance to full insurance.


Online reservations can be booked as early as you wish but no less than 15 days before pick-up time. For less than 15 days to pick-up reservations, please call us first.
For reservations booked more than 15 days before the pick-up date, the customer is required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid 15 days before the pick-up date.
For reservations made in less than 15 days before pick-up time, the full rental charge will be paid by the client at the time of the booking.
Reservations within 15 days before the intended pick-up time are subject to availability and should be inquired by phone or e-mail first.
For clarification regarding reservations, group reservations, discounts and other details, please contact us at office@rentals-moto.com or by phone at +40737897188 (24/7).


VISA & Master Card (Travelers Cheques are not accepted, sorry)


Motorcycle riding is considered a high risk, therefore regardless the reason or cause, Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center has no liability for Client’s or passenger’s injuries, rented motorcycle damages, goods losses or being destroyed, 3rd party injuries, losses and damages.
The client is fully liable for the accidents including those caused by the illegal use of the motorcycle, the use of the motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, motorcycle dropping or fall. The client is fully responsible in case of rented motorcycle damage, accessories or/and equipment damages or theft caused by client’s faults, e.g.: illegal use of the motorcycle or the use of the motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, running out of fuel, motorcycle dropping or fall, mechanical failures or motorcycle damages due to negligence in operation, failure to perform the motorcycle maintenance or motorcycle components/accessories loss or theft.
Client must inform Motorcycle Rental Center immediately about all accidents, item losses or theft occurrences.
By law, all accidents and must be reported to Police.
A Police report is required for all damages related to accidents or theft. Therefore, in case of accidents or theft, the client must contact the Police. All accident damages to the rented motorcycle or theft losses without a Police report will be considered client’s liability.
Without a signed specific agreement to the rental contract and a written empowerment issued by Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center, the client is not allowed to exit the rental motorcycle outside the Romanian territory.
All law infringements are client’s responsibility.
Bucharest Motorcycle Rental Center will reserve the right to refuse a client.
For more details, please contact us.