Danube Delta – Black Sea

Danube Delta – Black Sea tour

(6-7 days, aprox. 1,000Km)

Brief description

Danube Delta is the best preserved ecosystem on the continent. The Danube river (largest in Europe), the Delta canals, the scenery and the wild life have remained unaltered by industry or pollution. Is literally crowded with rare birds and animal species. You will see wild pelican’s large colonies and their majestic flight over your head. And this will make your experience unique in Europe.
The trip from Bucharest takes you on the motorway, or alternative road through the countryside, for about 170 Km and then, from Cernavoda to Tulcea, the road follows the mighty Danube river through a very nice countryside area (please see our gallery page). After a lunch break, you will carry on to Dunavatu de Jos for another 50 Km through one of the nicest Dobrogea hills area. We organize various boat trips for you to cruise the Danube Delta canals. You will explore hundreds of them and visit hospitable villages like Murighiol and Uzlina. The fish dishes are absolutely great here (please see our gallery page).

Due to the lack of city or industrial light pollution, some of the greatest night skies views are ready here for your eyes, while having a glass of Murfatlar wine. Going from Tulcea to Constanta on the motorway (about 140 Km) is an easy task. The road from Constanta to Vama Veche follows the sea shore and is not difficult. Once arrived in Vama Veche, you will feel the summer holiday atmosphere immediately. You will love the beach, the on-the beach restaurants and the night clubs.

Vama Veche is a well-known motorcycle gathering place for riders from all over Europe and not only. In the Olimp resort you can have your lunch right on the beach terrace.

This is the tour that will give you the best summer holiday feeling.

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Day split

  • Day 1: departure from Bucharest via Tulcea (includes lunch stop), to Dunavatul de Jos. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 2: Danube Saint George branch boat tour by boat ride on the Lipovenilor canal, Dranov lake, Razim lake, Uzlina.
  • Day 3: departure from Dunavatul de Jos via Tulcea and Constanta (lunch stop) to Vama Veche where you get to your accommodation and have dinner. Then you will spend wonderful time in the on-beach clubs and terraces. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 4: Vama Veche beach, an entire day and evening spent on the beach, clubs and so on.
  • Day 5: departure from Vama Veche, Olimp stop for lunch and afternoon on a beautiful beach to Mamaia resort where you will have dinner then you can go clubbing in so many cosmopolite places. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 6: Mamaia resort (entire day on the beach, lunch, clubs, and so on).
  • Day 7: departure from Mamaia, trip back to Bucharest, motorway or alternative road through the countryside.
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