Transylvania tour

(7-8 days, aprox. 1,500 Km)

Brief description

Our largest tour will give you the true feeling of Transylvania. Some of the most beautiful cities are located in this part of Romania.
Along the journey, you will enjoy the amazingly beautiful places and scenery, meet some of the nicest people in Romania and have a taste of the Transylvanian food and drinks. You will like Brasov and especially Poiana Brasov. Going towards Transylvania taking the road through the Apuseni mountains, you get to ride splendid places with great sights. Then, your ride takes you to Cluj-Napoca, a wonderful Transylvanian city, where you will like the people, the food and the touristic attractions.

Travelling further with your motorcycle rental expedition, you will stop in Alba Iulia and visit its impressive Alba Carolina Citadel. The next important stop is Timisoara, a very cosmopolitan city with plenty of touristic attractions. Farther, Drobeta Turnu Severin is located right on the Danube river bank and is another interesting city to visit.

This tour will be your longest route but also the richest in terms of touristic attractions, sceneries and experiences. You will want to do it again soon.

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Day split

  • Day 1: departure from Bucharest to Brasov city. Alternatively, you can go to Sibiu via Curtea de Arges and the Transfagarasan montain-pass. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 2: Brasov city tour via Poian Brasov. Alternatively, we can arrange the Sibiu city tour.
  • Day 3: departure from Brasov (or Sibiu) via Sighisoara and Targu Mures (lunch stop) to Cluj-Napoca city. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 4: Cluj-Napoca city tour.
  • Day 5: departure from Cluj-Napoca via Alba Iulia and Deva (lunch stop) – Timisoara. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 6: Timisoara city tour.
  • Day 7: departure from Timisoara city via Caransebes (lunch stop) to Drobeta Turnu Severin. Accommodation for the night is included.
  • Day 8: departure from Drobeta Turnu Severin via Craiova (lunch stop) to Bucharest.