We offer you two kinds of tours.

Self-guided tours

The so called “self-guided” tours where we will organize for you, interesting and sought-after routes and destinations. Lunch and dinner reservations, museum visits or other touristic attractions and accommodation are included in the price.

Transalpina – Transfagarasan tour

Transalpina – Transfagarasan4-5 days, aprox. 900 Km

Transalpina road (148 Km length, 2,145m highest point) and Transfagarasan mountain-pass (90 Km length, 2,042m highest point) are generally considered to be the most challenging Romanian mountain routes.

Danube Delta – Black sea tour

Danube Delta – Black Sea6-7 days, aprox. 1,000Km

Danube Delta is the best preserved ecosystem on the continent. You will see wild pelican’s large colonies and their majestic flight over your head. And this will make your experience unique in Europe.

Transylvania tour

Transylvania7-8 days, aprox. 1,500 Km

Our largest tour will give you the true feeling of Transylvania. Along the journey, you will enjoy the amazingly beautiful places and scenery and have a taste of the Transylvanian food and drinks.

Organized tours

We also organize guided tours that you can join. These tours are guided by our team and are formed out of 3 or more motorcycles. Prices are depending on the size of group and number of days.
In this tour, you will be accompanied by our team that will follow you in 4x4 vehicle that tows a trailer with spare motorcycles, accessories and equipment.

For our tours, we will get everything ready for you, from the motorcycle and accessories you choose to rent from us and the museums or other touristic attractions tickets to the night accommodation, at the right distances so that you can make the most of your riding adventure.
Alternatively to our tours, we can organize for you routes planning so that you can get to see great sceneries, locations and places.

All the time we are at a phone call distance so that we can assist you in everything.
Or, should you desire, we can join and guide you on your tour.

Usually, we organize 3 to 7 days’ tours but they can be longer if you need. For more info and price quotations, please contact us.

The logistic part of the self-guided tour will include in price a fully accessorized BMW GS motorcycle of your choice, 3rd party liability insurance, museum or other touristic attractions tickets, night accommodation, unlimited kilometers, airport transfer.